Zillah is such as kind and gentle person. She works with such passion. I love her ability to think outside the box, to develop her own practice and her own toolkit. – Play Therapist

I got my first job working with children with disabilities as a play worker in 1985.

Then I ran creative movement workshops in pre-schools, mainstream and special needs schools …

… and was employed as a special educational needs teaching assistant, for over twenty years.

During this time I worked alongside Marie Ware, a pioneering dance movement therapist.

I also did a diploma in dance movement therapy studies and became a course leader in Sherborne Developmental Movement (SDM).

After studying for Early Years Professional Status in 2008 I got a job with Action for Children.

I was part of a team of early years workers delivering play sessions with babies, toddlers and preschool children …

… and attachment-based parenting courses with new parents.

In 2009 I started to establish my therapeutic approach called Movement Play, based on SDM.

Five years later I gained a post-graduate certificate in therapeutic play skills and set up my play-based therapeutic service for children.

Between 2015-2022 I was awarded several grants to run supervised Movement Play courses in state-funded primary schools with children and their parents, carers, and teaching assistants.

I also began to train teaching assistants, teachers, and play therapists in using movement play experiences. 

In 2022 I decided to stop working with children and focus on writing and training.

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