Each child/adult session includes five movement play experiences.

Pause and Relax

In this quiet beginning everyone lies down on mats and tries to be still, and to breathe gently for five minutes.

Shared Movement Time

Shared movement time is the most active part of a session. It is about children and adults being creative and discovering ways to play together.

It is also about everyone looking and smiling at each other, listening and connecting to each other.


But fundamentally is it about empowering children to develop self-awareness and self-confidence, awareness of others and trusting, creative relationships.


In this part of a session children crawl through a big stretchy tunnel made of Lycra.

This is a whole body experience which stimulates the brain and improves hand-eye coordination.

Children seem to love it. They laugh a lot, and often take turns and work together.

Blanket Time

Blankets are used to give children rides along the floor, swing them or wrap them up like parcels.


They are brilliant for pulling games and working big muscles.


Here children begin to feel safe and more at ease in their bodies.

Drawing Time

At the end of each session paper, felt pens and colouring pencils are shared out. Everyone sits in a circle and has five minutes to draw whatever they wish.

This is a very calm time and prepares the children for going back to class.

“Fire Dragon”

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